How to Order

Pick a package
Packages differ based on number of 'icing' options, you decide which ones you want to personalize your blog. Pick the package you would like and be sure to choose which 'icing' options you want to include.

Select a design kit or vector graphic
A large list of approved designers is available here, or you can browse vector graphic ideas here or go to to see their complete list. If you do select one from istockphoto directly please note the seven digit number associated with your selected graphic.

Fill out an Order Form
Once you have selected a package and design kit or vector graphic, fill out an order form. Please fill this out carefully and completely, this will ensure we have a clear idea of what you want your blog design to look like. Failure to complete this form will make your design guesswork for us, and be frustrating to everyone involved. Please also remember to attach any pictures to this order form. Once it is completed email to

Submit Payment
Once we receive your completed order form, we will send an invoice via paypal for the total amount of your chosen package and any extras. We will also reply by email to confirm your order form receipt and verify any information we may need. Once your payment is received you will be placed in the queue.

Design Process
Once your name appears at or near the top of the queue, you will be sent an invitation to view the test blog and watch us work. You can leave comments for desired changes, we really appreciate all feedback during this stage! There will also be a lot of emails at this point so please check frequently to ensure that we can keep moving forward with your design. We expect revisions and enjoy working with our customers to get everything perfect, however if revisions are becoming excessive we will give you warning and then additional work will be charged at the hourly rate($35 per hour) for the extra time. Once approval has been made for the install, no further revisions will be made.

After you have approved your blog design, you will need to invite me as an author on your blog. Once I accept the invitation you will need to go back and grant me admin priveledges. We will schedule a time for the install, it usually takes about an hour and we ask that you not make any changes to your blog during the install. Once the install is complete, you can remove me as an author. Please note, that during the time I am an author on your blog I will show under your 'about me' link on your blog. This will go away once we are finished and you remove me as an author.