What blogging platforms can you do blog designs for?
Right now, Digital Designs only offers makeovers for blogs hosted by blogger.

How long do I have to wait once I place my order?
The average wait time for a custom blog design is 2-3 weeks (this can change with the demand). I will keep you updated at the time you place your order.

Can I see your work before you install it on my blog?
Yes, I will send you an invitation to view your test blog while we are working. Once we finish with any requested revisions I will schedule to install the design on your blog.

Do you offer a discount to returning customers?
Yes, Digital Designs offers a 20% discount to our returning clients. Because we love ya!

Do you offer any services for a simple change after my blog design is complete? For example, say a few months after my blog design I want to change something on my sidebar, like a picture or element - can you do that?
Yes, we can do that. Your name will be added to the 'icing' queue and be completed in order. These take less time than an entire makeover and can usually be completed quickly. Digital Designs charges $35 per hour for additional changes or deletions on your blog after it has been installed. If you would like to add additional items from the 'icing' menu, you will only need to pay for the price of each 'icing' item you pick.

Can I change the pictures in my header? For example, you add a new member to your family and want to include them in your header.
Yes, if it is a simple addition to the header we charge $5 each time. If the picture is a new size, or requires your header to be completely redone you will be charged the $35 per hour fee. Your name will be added to the 'icing' queue and completed in order.

Are there any additional fees on top of the makeover fees listed?
The price of each package includes one design kit from our approved designers, labor (including revisions) and installation. Some designers charge extra fees for use of their kits. If you choose a kit by one of these designers (marked with a star on the approved designers page), that cost will be passed on to you. You may have additional fees if you choose to add 'icing' above what is included in your package, any extras, istockphoto graphics or more than one design kit.

Why do some of the kits have commercial fees? My blog isn't commercial.
While your blog may not be commercial, you are hiring someone (me) to design your blog, and my business is commercial. Some designers consider this to be commercial use and charge an extra fee.

Will I be able to have a copy of my kit when you are finished?
Unfortunately, I cannot share any of these files with you. Sharing kits is a violation of the designers terms of use.

When my design goes up, will I lose any of my blog posts?
No, you will not lose any blog posts. Only the look of your blog will change. You will be able to post as usual, and add links and new categories to the sidebar.

Who makes the images that you use on your designs?
Most of the images that you see on our designs are made by various artists that specialize in digital scrapbook kits. You can find all of our available kits here. We can also use vector images for your design, you can find examples of those here.

What if I don't like any of the design kits you offer and want to pick a different one?
If you find something that you like that was created by a designer not on my list, I will happily email the designer for you and ask permission. I am always looking for new designers to work with! However, if permission is not granted, I will not use their designs for any work as this would violate their terms of use.

What information will you need to install my blog design?
I do not ask for your username and password. You will need to add me as an author, and grant me admin priviledges. When your blog design is completed, you simply remove me as an author and never have to share your private information!

I don't have a blog, but want one. Can you set it up for me?
Absolutely! Fill out an order form to get in the queue, and add an hour of time ($35/hour) to your total. I will also need the following information from you:
1. The URL (website address) you want to use (for example, mine is digitaldesignsbydelane.blogspot.com).
2. The email address and password you want to use. If you already have a gmail account then I will need your gmail address and email password. (you can change it after I am done if you are concerned about security following the set up and install)
3. The name you want for you blog (for example, my personal blog is named 'let me hold you longer').

If you have additional questions that I have not answered please feel free to email me at digitaldesignsbydelane@gmail.com